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Breaking the silence

David Beeney joins us to talk about how he works with organisations to drive energy and engagement around talking about mental health at work.

Creativity and fun at work

Zaira Mughal, Therapeutic Arts Coach, Counsellor and Trainee Arts Psychotherapist joins us to talk about creative wellbeing and how it can be transformational for teams and organisations.

Money mindset and financial wellbeing

Bianca Williams, Certified Financial Planner joins us to talk about attitudes towards money and how to support our teams to avoid financial stress.

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Trust and collaboration between employees and organisations is more important than ever. 

Workplace motivation

It seems obvious to say that the first step is to find work that you enjoy, and yes, of course that is true, but even within a job you love, there are times when your motivation dips.


Happiness is personal, and many elements of our lives contribute, from the small to the momentous.

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Team Zeffr 

We are passionate about supporting each other through challenges, creating balance in our lives, and encouraging others to nurture workplaces of compassion, empathy and kindness.

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