Bianca Williams from The Finance PT joins us for this practical and timely episode on financial wellbeing. Being worried about finances can cause significant stress and anxiety, and can have an impact on our work, mood, relationships and wellbeing in general.

Bianca is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and the founder of The Finance PT, which brings 1-2-1 financial planning expertise, coaching and mentoring to 'the rest of us'. Her purpose is to bring simple, sound financial planning and coaching to ordinary people: otherwise known as 'bridging the advice gap'. 

Over her 11-plus years in financial services (including investment banking, private banking and financial advice), she’s seen that high net worth individuals have access to 'full service' financial planning expertise and experience from qualified financial advisers/planners, while the rest of us get 'hints and tips', pre-recorded videos or even DIY software to somehow plan for ourselves. 

As someone who began doing 'DIY' financial modelling after being refused financial advice in the early part of her career, Bianca celebrates 'ordinary' people as the exact right people to work with. She aims to show them that their money can work as hard for them as they do for it – and guide them step by step towards a level of financial wellbeing that others take for granted.

The How To Be Happy At Work podcast was produced for Zeffr by Snaffle Podcasts and recorded at Runway East podcast studio in Soho in London.