The Zeffr Solution

Consisting of an easy to use employee mobile app that provides personalised scoring, reccomendations and wellbeing resources, as well as a web based Employer Console, Zeffr:

  • Uses disparate data sources and data analytics to continuously measure organisational, team and individual wellbeing.
  • Empowers individual employees with private feedback, comparisons, insights and personal scores.
  • Enables organisations to identify potential issues across teams.
  • Uses measurements across a number of different wellbeing dimensions, providing a holistic view across both personal and workplace wellbeing and psychological safety.
  • Is underpinned by scientific evidence and academic research, providing proprietary standardised scoring across personal and workplace wellbeing enabling: 
      • Continuous monitoring of organisational wellbeing.
      • Measure ROI, impact and effectiveness of any corporate wellbeing initiatives.
      • Ongoing data modelling of trends and outcomes driving predictive insights.
      • Comparison to other emerging standards e.g. ISO 45003, enhanced ESG.

See Zeffr in action:

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