Are you interested in developing better self-awareness for you and your team? Perhaps you are starting to consider the impact that past experiences and even trauma can have on relationships at work. 

In this episode of How To Be Happy At Work, we talk to Zaira Mughal who is a Therapeutic Arts Coach & Facilitator, Counsellor, Energy healer and trainee Art Psychotherapist. Her personal philosophy is that you contain a Life force that is extraordinarily creative, and is longing to express itself through you. When you choose to ignite your creative life force, your potential becomes exponential. 

Zaira has spent the last five years coaching, designing and facilitating creative spaces that ignite self-awareness and wellbeing, interpersonal learning and collective leadership to create a more equitable world. She is known for her playful, embodied and intuitive approach to creative wellbeing and has successfully supported hundreds of people that were feeling stuck in life to listen to the wisdom of their life force, body, heart and mind intelligence, and transform their ways of being, feeling, thinking, doing and being with others.

Zaira works with the arts (2D and 3D image making, music, puppets, sandplay), somatic practices, breathwork, visualisations and humanistic techniques that are anchored in neuroscience, to activate your imagination towards life, elevate new perspectives and unleash new possibilities for living your potential.

We talk to Zaira about how leaders can incorporate creativity and fun into our working lives and the difference it can make to team cohesion, energy and motivation. It’s a joyful episode, we hope you enjoy it!

To find out more about Zaira’s creative mindfulness workshops and the work she does with the therapeutic arts, you can find her online at 

The How To Be Happy At Work podcast was produced for Zeffr by Snaffle Podcasts and recorded on location at HomeWork in Fulham. 

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