Dr Fehmidah Munir is Academic Lead at Zeffr and a Professor of Health Psychology at Loughborough University specialising in workplace mental health. She shares her experience and expertise on talking about mental health in the workplace, how to embrace diversity and be inclusive when planning work social events, and how to support teams and individuals meaningfully at work. 

Specialising in workplace mental health and wellbeing research with private, public and third sector organisations, Fehmidah has spent her career designing, implementing and evaluating workplace interventions using behaviour change theories and different methodologies and measurements. Fehmidah is a Chartered and Registered Health Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), and is happiest seeing her work make a positive impact. 

The How To Be Happy At Work podcast was produced for Zeffr by Snaffle Podcasts and recorded at Grandma Studios in Loughborough.